The education of dentists

Currently, the dental care process involves an immense number of variables, so dentists must have adequate training so that their professional practice is the best.


It is necessary that he integrates all the necessary elements so that both he and the care staff have the appropriate preparation and do not suffer any risk to their health, which is extremely important at present.


Combining theory and practice is indispensable, so it is a real challenge for universities that offer this career.


Truly professional training gives excellent results

In the stage of training of professionals in dentistry, they must even contemplate a part of cosmetic surgery, since the teeth and jaws really influence the configuration of the face.


Many people who have lost their frontal teeth, and who then have one of the dental implants Tijuana comment that the change even in the arrangement of their lips is really surprising.


The training stage in dentists is the cornerstone that allows patients to provide quality and safe care that is based on a culture of service, including ethical principles.


Despite this, as far as patient safety is concerned, schools have neglected teaching regarding risk management and prevention of adverse events, as if it were a profession that does not generate harm to the patient, but, the reality is that, if it can happen, both by the contagion of bacteria,  as for the bad procedures in smile designs, in which, in general, the natural teeth are filed to mount on them a veneer, which can lead to the loss of the teeth.


Dentists in Tijuana are trained in this range, and it really is amazing how patients feel more confident, recommending voice-to-voice services and now it has really become a highly recommended city for medical tourism.


A link between dentistry and medicine is necessary

Currently, the relationship between dentistry and medicine is insufficient for students who wish to be dentists to manage patients with medically complex problems, to take advantage of strategies aimed at both prevention and diagnosis and treatment.


Although it is recognized the existence of educational plans that try to incorporate common knowledge in the curricular mesh, and that participate in the integration of at least elementary points in both careers.


It is also important to create a model of care focused on the patient and the community, in addition to the relationship between safety and effectiveness.


It is essential to establish the relationship between medicine and dentistry, in addition to adequately preparing dentists, achieving, in addition, the digitalization of processes and technological updating play a fundamental role in achieving a truly professional service that brings well-being in every way to patients.